My Father’s Book

Paul has decided to take a sabbatical from radio while he focuses on My Father’s Book. Please see Paul’s statement below;

“My dad L, J, Anderson spent from 1974 to 2014 writing a book about the teachings of Jesus Christ. He poured himself into this work for forty years. This book is his life’s work. When he read the Bible he understood the scriptures in a different light. He understood what Jesus was saying to all of us. His mission was to present the words of Jesus Christ in such a way that we would understand his message too. He spent those forty years in prayer, reverently seeking God’s guidance so that when he put pencil to paper his words would reveal and not hinder Jesus’ message. My dear dad passed away on August 11, 2014 before he could publish this book. I have his typed manuscript and all his many hand written pages. I intend to see my dad’s book published and then deliver “The Everlasting Gospel” to the world.”

Paul D. Anderson is available to speak to any business, civic or secular group. He will speak at any church regardless of the denomination. You won’t hear a typical church sermon or a lofty and boring religious lecture. Instead Paul will be able to demonstrate and convince your audience that Jesus’ words are for us today. He will show that all other scripture, the writings of Paul and the other apostles, don’t contradict but harmonize with the teachings of Jesus. You no longer have to “read over” the words of Jesus because you don’t fully understanding them. You don’t have to relegate Jesus and his message to just the people of his day as some try to do. You don’t even have to eliminate the Apostle Paul in order to remove the ostensible contradictions between Jesus and Paul. Jesus the Christ the most influential man who ever walked the earth spoke a message that can change this world and the church if we will hear, understand and obey his words today.

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